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Academic Program

This is a study program where students must carry a 15 credit load and are expected to fully participate in all class activities. Courses are scheduled Monday through Friday with a weekly field trip. 

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Eastern Philosophy (5 credits)
This course introduces students to eastern philosophies and helps them to understand the philosophical similarities among these philosophies, especially as they relate to reality, value, knowledge, and religion. Topics may include: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Mohism, and Daoism.

Humanities: Women and World Religions (5 credits)
This course explores feminine perspectives of religion and spirituality in classical and indigenous religions today and throughout history. We will examine images of the divine, mythological presentations, as well as roles and practices of women in each tradition through the study of traditional writings, feminist themes and feminist theologies. In doing so, we will address questions such as: What do sacred sources in traditional religions say about women and issues of gender; and how both men and women in society have used oral and written sacred narratives.

Chinese (5 credits)
Instructed by Shih Chien University faculty
You will have the option to enroll in Beginning, Intermediaet or Advanced Chinese, depending on your proficiency (testing will be done upon arrival). Most students will enroll in a Beginner level course for the students who have no background familiarity with Mandarin. The course starts from Mandarin phonetic symbols and Pinyin, with an emphasis on pronunciation, intonations and simple conversations. Green River College equivalent: Chinese &121, 122 or 123. 


Rebeka Ferreria, a tenure-track instructor at Green River College, will be your faculty leader for this study program. Rebeka is extremely passionate about world travel and having studied abroad herself in junior college, she is familiar with and eager to be a part of the unique and formative experience it provides for students.

Your Chinese language course will be taught by highly qualified local faculty.

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Detailed brochures and applications are available for each program. Information meetings are arranged as needed. Group orientation sessions are scheduled prior to departure.


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