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This is a study program where students are expected to fully participate in all class activities. 

Course Description

BUS 164 (5 credits, Social Science)

(Counts as Social Science for the AA-DTA degree. Also fulfills a Business Management AAA requirement)

Introduces the fundamentals of small business startup and growth. Topics include development of business concept, strategic planning, marketing, financing, and an overview of international business. Examines important principles for businesses of any size.

All students in the program will learn independent consulting job skills, the kind used by former CEOs, politicians, military generals, and social media influencers. In addition, the course will include fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business startup. Students who choose to go on the Taiwan capstone trip will learn to navigate, communicate, and use local transportation systems and flourish while traveling in Asian countries. 

Non-Business majors are welcome and encouraged to participate.


David Francis, an adjunct Business instructor at Green River College, will be your faculty leader for this study program. Professor Francis comes to GRC with 18+ years of professional experience working in the private sector. He specializes in sales, marketing and supply chain management. 

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Megan Swanson

Program Coordinator

Phone: 253-833-9111, ext. 4892

Detailed brochures and applications are available for each program. Information meetings are arranged as needed. Group orientation sessions are scheduled prior to departure.


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