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Where You'll be Studying

The University of Shih Chien (USC), is conveniently located on a metro line in the Zhongshan District of Taipei. This quiet area nestled beneath a green hillside is just a short ride from the hustle and bustle of downtown Taipei. The friendly atmosphere and artistic environment create an ideal learning community. The university is also home to many international students, providing visiting students with an entry point to a globalized community.

photo of an academic building in Taiwan

The Taipei campus houses three of the university's five colleges: Human Ecology, Design and Management. USC is especially well known for its College of Design, which you will see reflected in the modern architecture and many art installations on campus.

The University has a range of high quality academic facilities including libraries, lecture halls, science laboratories, studios, computer centers, and conference rooms. Sporting and athletic facilities include swimming pools, and unique open air gym. The University also has restaurants, caf├ęs, convenience stores, and bookstores, providing amenities to all University members.


For the first 6 nights, you will live with roommates in a Hostel located near the college campus in Taipei. The hostel amenities include: Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, Secure Lockers and Free Breakfast. Bathrooms, Laundry, Lounge and Kitchen facilities are shared with other residents. The hostel offers weekly social activities and dining excursions, which will give you the opportunity to meet and socialize with travelers from all over the world.

You will be responsible for all lunches and dinners. Food is very affordable in Taiwan and most residents find it cheaper to purchase take-out snacks and meals than to prepare meals at home. For your convenience, numerous restaurants and coffee shops, a supermarket, clinic, medical institution, postal office and even dry cleaning are reachable on foot.

For the remaining 5 nights, you will travel by fast train to the city of Kaohsiung, on the southern coast of Taiwan. You will stay in a modern hostel in shared bunk rooms of similar quality and amenities as the hostel in Taipei.


Cultural Activities and Excursions

There will be several pre-arranged field trips and company site visits during your stay will include the following:

  • Taipei city tour including:
    • National Palace Museum,
    • Taipei 101 Tower (observatory)
    • Pineapple cake making
    • Din Tai Fung restaurant
  • Private sector company visits



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