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Academic Program

Students will earn 10 Green River College transfer credits on this program.
(Students from sponsoring Washington State colleges may be able to register for their classes through their home institution).

Stateside: The program will meet in a hybrid format from Monday, June 24 through Friday, July 19, 2019. Online assignments, research, and discussion forums will occur during these first four weeks of the program. Face-to-face class sessions will be held at Green River College main campus (and through virtual connections for students unable to attend) from 11 am - 1 pm on Mondays.

Overseas: Students will then travel to Utrecht, The Netherlands to live and study for two weeks before moving to Edinburgh, Scotland for the next two weeks of the program.

Course Descriptions

English: World Literature
Dr. Michael Moreno - 5 credits

This hybrid course focuses on contemporary and older works of literature from the Netherlands (in translation) and Scotland, and it will include a focused selection of novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and films that are centered in and around Dutch and Scottish cities, with emphasis given to Utrecht and Edinburgh. We will focus on techniques and strategies for analyzing and interpreting narratives both as important works of literature and reflections of the culturally rich countries to be visited. Dutch and Scottish works will be discussed in comparison with one another so that relevant parallels between the select nations we visit can be articulated. This will provide students with an ability to read and discuss the works using a range of interpretive lenses: history, culture, literary theory, spatial theory, politics, gender studies, racial/ethnic studies, among others. Important concepts and themes will include gender, class, and language-community constructions; relationships to place and nation; the city as a transformative character in the narrative; issues of social justice and civil liberties; implications of cultural identity and immigration in the 21st century.

English: Writing in the Social Sciences
Dr. Michael Moreno - 5 credits

The hybrid class introduces students to the critical elements of reading and writing about the social sciences while emphasizing varied research methodologies and use of primary and secondary sources and information. This section will focus on urban and cultural studies, architecture, and human geography. Writing assignments and projects will center on articulating the identities of Utrecht and Edinburgh. This will allow students to interact on an academic and personal level with both cities we visit since the cities themselves will serve as an extension of the classroom. Their goal will be to articulate a well-reasoned and researched response to this question: "What is the identity of this city?" With supplementary readings, ethnographies, writing models, and research/writing assignments, students will engage in critical thinking, which includes the analysis, interpretation, evaluation, documentation, and synthesis of multiple sources and evidence. When appropriate, I will host walking tours to key locations in the Utrecht and Edinburgh, providing an interpretation of the sites through historical, literary, cultural, and architectural lenses.


Dr. Michael Moreno
Green River College Faculty

In addition to pursuing a formal college education, Dr. Michael Moreno has always maintained that living and studying abroad is one of the greatest forms of education a person can have. This is why he was inspired as an undergraduate to participate in two study abroad programs: Guatemala (1991) and London (1992). He has also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the southern African Kingdom of Lesotho (1992-1994) where, as an English literature and writing instructor, he witnessed first-hand the region transition out of its apartheid roots.

Michael has also traveled to Japan and throughout the European and African continents. He received a BA in English from St. Mary's College of California (1992), an MA in World & Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University (1998), and an MA and PhD in English from the University of California, Riverside (2003, 2007). His academic concentrations focus on US, minority, and world literatures; cultural studies; urban and suburban studies; human geography; and architectural history and theory.

Since 2008, he has taught a variety of literature and writing courses at Green River College in Auburn, WA, and has numerous publications that analyze US and international populations in connection with the study of urban and suburban spaces. Most of his classes focus on how cities throughout the United States and the broader world develop their own intricate identities, often through literary studies, which, he believes, gives us a greater insight into the diverse communities that inhabit urban spaces. He uses the study of the city through a cross-disciplinary lens of literature, sociology, history, and architecture that makes his courses unique and engaging for students. Michael also enjoys traveling, hiking, and gardening with his wife Kristin and their young son Troyer.

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