ASGRC Elections

2021-2021 ASGRC Elections

ASGRC Elections of President and Vice President for the academic year happens during week 3 of the spring every year.

This year the election will run from Monday, April 12 at 8 a.m. until Monday, April 19 at 8 a.m. Scroll down to learn more about the candidates for this year.

Meet the Candidates for ASGRC President for 2021-2022

Shah Asraff Khan

My Name is Shah Asraff Khan I have been a part of green river college for just over a year now, I am currently chief justice for ASGRC.

I am running for Student Body President because I want to expand awareness of issues that affect students. I believe in the power in numbers, as student body president I will be able to articulate my stances and present in a manner that will ensure a definite change to improve student life on and off-campus and I want to solidify cohesiveness with students. As chief justice for ASGRC, I have been able to learn how to negotiate, research and better articulate my ideas. I want to run for student body president because I want to remove barriers to where students can voice out their issues and foster a strong relationship with their peers and for students to have a strong sense of belonging with green river. I want to also unify students more and remove barriers that students may feel are getting in the way of their ability to communicate and have an amazing time in Green River College.


Meet the Candidates for ASGRC Vice President for 2021-2022


Caven Lee

My name is Caven Lee, and I am born and raised in a small country in the Southeast part of Asia, that country being, Singapore. I am currently 17 years old and will be turning 18 on the 1st of October. A little about myself would be that I used to play basketball and am quite well versed with the idea of sports in general. I also used to be in a Drama Club, where I had many performances back in Singapore, competing in various competitions, such as the SYF competition back home. I was given the charge of being the Vice President of the Drama Club. In my 4 years in Drama, I was able to build up my confidence in a variety of ways and learned how to become a better leader for the Club and working with my peers to help better the Club. Given this opportunity to lead, I have found myself seeking more of these opportunities to work with others to help better a community, in this case, the community being ASGRC.  

I have chosen to run for the ASGRC position, as I for one think that it would help me work closer with my peers to bring this community to greater heights. Not only that, but I also believe that if given the opportunity to become the Vice President of the ASGRC committee, I will be able to better myself as a leader in various ways and learn to be more open to new suggestions, as well as learning how to improve a community with others. Having some experience in the past, I find myself feeling as though I have much more to learn. This will also be a task to challenge me, better myself as a person, and allow me to inspire the rest around me to strive for excellence if given the opportunity.



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