Standing Rules

Senate Standing Rules of the Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC)

Updated May 2021


Section 1: The Senate is the legislative arm of the Associated Students of Green River College, hereafter referred to as ASGRC.
Section 2: The purpose of the ASGRC Senate is to provide, promote, and maximize the Green River College student experience.


Clause 1: Rules of the Senate

Section 1: The Senate shall meet each Thursday for a business meeting during the academic year, except during finals and breaks in the academic year. 
Section 2: The business of the Senate shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
Section 3: A quorum, consisting of two-thirds (2/3) of the Senate body must be present at any one Senate meeting in order for unfinished business to be discussed or voted on.
Section 4: The Standing Rules of the ASGRC Senate, the ASGRC Constitution, the ASGRC Bylaws, and the 522 Budget Code will be distributed to the assembled Senators at the first meeting of the fall quarter by the Secretary of the ASGRC. 

Clause 2: Order of Business

The order of business at Senate meetings shall be:
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Reports
5. Unfinished Business
6. New Business
7. Announcements
8. Adjournment

Clause 3: Presentation of Business to Senate

Section 1: If a party wishes to present at an official Senate meeting they must meet with the ASGRC Vice President of Governance for approval of request and set a presentation date. Sole discretionary power lies with the ASGRC Vice President of Governance to approve or deny any presentation request. The ASGRC Vice President of Governance will work with the ASGRC Secretary to add items of business to the agenda
Section 2: All new business shall be presented and discussed, but a vote will not be taken until the following meeting under old business.

Clause 4: Submission of Bills to Senate

Section 1: First Reading

1. The bill must be presented to the ASGRC Vice President of Governance at least two days prior to the formal meeting, at which time the bill will be assigned an exclusive bill number by the ASGRC Secretary and be presented to the senate at a formal meeting.  
2. The bill will be read to the Senate in its entirety, under new business including the name(s) of the proposing senator(s).

Section 2: Reading of Bills to the Finance Committee
After the bill has been read for the first time under new business at a formal Senate meeting, the bill goes to the Senate Finance Committee for research, discussion, and recommendation back to the Senate.  This is done during the Finance Committee’s meeting prior to the next official Senate meeting.  

Section 3: Second Reading

1. After appropriate committee action the bill will be resubmitted to the Senate under old business at the following formal meeting.
2. Discussion and normal voting procedures shall follow.

Clause 5: Voting

Section 1: Any active member of the Senate will have the right to vote on any motion on the floor of the Senate.
Section 2: A special absentee ballot may be utilized by Senators who are not present at weekly or special meetings. This in no manner shall excuse the Senator from the missed Senate meeting, or change the attendance policy.

Subsection 1: A document stating how that Senator would vote on each prospective bill may be given to the ASGRC Secretary prior to the normal Senate voting procedures. Absentee ballots accepted after the vote on that issue has been taken, shall not be counted.
Subsection 2:The document must be signed by the absent Senator, and sealed in an envelope when presented to the ASGRC Secretary. Unsealed or unsigned ballots shall not be accepted.
Subsection 3: At the time of the vote, the ASGRC Vice President of Governance shall open the sealed ballot, count the vote, and announce to the Senate how the absent Senator voted.

Clause 6: Special Meetings

Section 1: Special meetings may be called by either the ASGRC President, Vice President of Governance or Vice President of Finance. Should the ASGRC President, Vice President of Governance or Vice President of Finance call a special meeting, their attendance is required.  Individual contact must be made with each Senator to qualify as prior contact. 
Section 2: Without 24 hours prior notice, a Senator’s absence shall be counted as unexcused.
Section 3: Attendance requirements of special meetings shall be as stated in Article III, Clause 3. Section 1

Clause 7: Appointed Senate Officers

Section 1: The duties of the Parliamentarian shall be to make sure that Parliamentary Procedure, as defined in Robert’s Rules of Order and the ASGRC Bylaws, is adhered to during Senate meetings. Furthermore, the ASGRC Vice President of Finance shall hold all the Parliamentarian duties.  

Section 2: The duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms shall be to preserve order during all Senate meetings and special meetings. If a senator acts out of order and fails to respond to orders from the chair, the Sergeant-at-Arms shall eject them from the meeting at the request of the chair. Two ejections shall result in immediate investigation and possible probation by the Judicial Board. Three ejections shall result in dismissal from office by the Governance Committee. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall also assist the ASGRC Secretary in the distribution and collection of materials to the Senate and guests. 

Subsection 1: The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be nominated by the ASGRC Vice President of Governance at the third official Senate meeting of the Fall Quarter, at which time the Senate shall either ratify or reject the aforementioned nominations


Clause 1: Qualifications and Terms of Office

Section 1: Any member of ASGRC shall be eligible for any election or appointment, contingent upon the requirements of that office.
Section 2: A Senator must be a member of the Associated Students of Green River College.
Section 3: A Senator is required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA level of 2.20, verified by the ASGRC Secretary, or to petition the Senate for an exemption of the ASGRC requirements based on special circumstances. For students who do not yet have a GPA at GRC, they must earn a 2.20 GPA and maintain it while in office.
Section 4: Candidates for ASGRC Senate must be enrolled in a minimum of five (5) credits per quarter while attending GRC and participating in the ASGRC
Section 5: Candidates for the chair positions of the four committees in the ASGRC must currently have a cumulative GPA of 2.20.
Section 6: Senators shall hold office for one academic year (Fall to Spring). They shall be appointed for the fall term and fulfill their term unless they resign, are unable to fulfill their duties, or are otherwise removed from office for neglecting their duties.


Section 1: Selection Process

Subsection 1: Upon self-nomination for a Senate position, candidates must pick up an application packet from the Student Life Office.

Subsection 2: After completion of the application packet, the candidate then must schedule an interview with Executive Committee, which consists of the current ASGRC President, Vice President of Governance, Vice President of Finance, the newly elected ASGRC President, Vice President of Governance, Vice President of Finance, and the Director of Student Activities and Engagement or designee
Subsection 3: The Vice President of Governance shall announce the selected officers for the Senator positions 

Section 2: Spring Selection

Subsection 1: Up to ten Senators shall be selected prior to the last Senate meeting of Spring Quarter. 
Subsection 2: The ASGRC President, Vice President of Governance, and Vice President of Finance shall be sworn in at the last official Senate meeting of Spring Quarter.   

Section 3: Fall Selection

Subsection 1: The fall selection shall start within four weeks of the beginning of Fall Quarter.
Subsection 2: Any remaining Senator positions shall be selected in the fall and sworn in at the first official Senate meeting of Fall Quarter.

Section 4: Selection Jurisdiction

Subsection 1: It shall be the duty of the Governance Committee to create the senator application packets, timeline and guidelines. 
Subsection 2: It shall be the duty of the Outreach Committee to publicize and promote the spring selection process. 

Subsection 3: It shall be the duty of the full time secretary to review the qualifications for all candidates for the ASGRC office before being sworn in 
Subsection 4: The Vice President of Governance shall swear in all newly elected senators.


Section 1: All Senators must attend all Senate meetings and committee meetings within one quarter. Senators are allowed one (1) unexcused absence, or three (3) excused absences. Additional absences can be changed to excused absences by appealing to the ASGRC Governance Committee. Senators are expected to communicate via Green River College email to the ASGRC Vice President and the ASGRC Secretary for obtaining an excused or life happens absence.

Subsection 1: “Tardy” shall be defined as when an officer is not yet present when the meeting is officially called to order. Three (3) tardies shall result in an Unexcused absence.
Subsection 2: “Absent” shall be defined as when an officer has not arrived to the Senate meeting by the end of the committee reports; or when an officer has not arrived by the dismissal to committee meetings.
Subsection 3: An excused absence is allowed when arranged by the officer twenty-four (24) hours prior to their absence, at the discretion of the presiding officer; or in case of an emergency. A Senator should communicate via Green River College email to the ASGRC Vice President of Governance and the ASGRC Secretary to arrange an excused absence.
Subsection 4: A “Life Happens” absence shall be defined as any situation that arises and an officer has to miss a meeting without being able to communicate 24 hours in advance, because sometimes life happens. A senator should communicate via Green River College email with the ASGRC Vice President of Governance and ASGRC Secretary to arrange a Life Happens absence.

Section 2: All Senators shall vote on all legislation, which is brought to the floor of the Senate. Any Senator failing to vote on three pieces of legislation in any one quarter will lose their Senate position.

Section 3: A Senator is required to keep an updated notebook record of Senate meetings.
Section 4: A Senator shall remain in contact with students of Green River through interpersonal interaction or via electronic means. They shall be prepared to answer questions posed by their constituents and bring constituent concerns to the attention of the ASGRC Senate.

Section 5: A Senator must participate in the committee to which the Executive Officers of ASGRC have appointed them. Any Senator failing to participate in the assigned committee will face the loss of membership in the ASGRC Senate.

Section 6: All Senators and Non-Voting members must be enrolled in and complete at least five (5) credit hours per quarter at GRC and maintain at least a cumulative GPA of 2.20 while holding their position.

Section 7: All standing Senators and Non-Voting members are required to assist in the organization of a minimum of two (2) hours or two events of Student Life activities per quarter. This excludes events directly related to ASGRC Senate, as well as any and all Club meetings. If a Senator or Non-Voting member is a member of a Club, events facilitated by this club cannot be counted towards attendance. Senators and Non-Voting members are required to report attended activities within three school days to their chairperson. Once a senator has completed their attendance form they must sign it, have their chairperson sign it and turn it in to the Vice President of Governance by the final committee meeting or the quarter. Failure to complete the requirements stated in ASGRC Senate Standing Rules Article III, Clause 3, Sections 1-6 will result in probation the following quarter.
Section 8: Non-Voting members must attend senate meetings and must also attend committee meeting determined by the executive staff. 
Section 9: Non-Voting members must adhere to the same attendance policy as senators (stated in ASGRC Senate Standing Rules Article III, Clause 3, Section 1)

Clause 5: Probation

Section 1: The Vice President of Governance must notify any Senator who has failed to meet the requirements to maintain office within one (1) week in writing, from notification of the Bylaw violation.
Section 2: No Senator shall be deprived of his/her normal power while on probation.
Section 3: Senator may only be placed on probation once per term of office. Any further violations shall result in expulsion by the Governance Committee.
Section 4: Senator on probation for failure to maintain the GPA standard shall have until the next official release of grades to meet the requirements of the aforementioned by-law.
Section 5: Senators who are on probation for exceeding the number of Senate absences may not have any unexcused absences or tardies and may have only one (1) excused absence while on probation.

Section 6: Senators shall be immediately reinstated when the conditions for the Bylaw they violated are satisfied.
Secretion 7: Failure to complete the probation requirements stated in the time period stated shall result in removal from ASGRC Senate. If a time period is not specified then the conditions must be met by the end of the quarter in which the probation is received.

Clause 6: Appeals

Section 1: A Senator who has been found in violation of the ASGRC Constitution, Senate Standing Rules or Bylaws may submit an appeal to the Governance Committee. The officer must notify the Vice President of Governance of their appeal within one (1) business day from the time they become aware of the violation.  
Section 2: The Petition packet must be completed and turned in to the Vice President of Governance by the beginning of the next committee meeting. If the next committee meeting is less than four (4) business days away, the petition packet may be turned in at the following committee meeting. 
Section 3: Once the Governance Committee has received the petition, they have one week to review to make a determination
Section 4: No officer shall be deprived of his or her normal power during the petition process.
Section 5: The process to fill the vacant seat as stated in Article III, Clause 8 in the ASGRC Bylaws shall continue during the petition process.

Clause 7: Vacancies

Section 1: All vacant senatorial seats (offices) shall be filled by a majority vote of the Senate within one (1) academic month of the time of vacancy.
Section 2: A written resignation of a senatorial position must be turned in two weeks before vacating office


Section 1: The Senate Finance, Outreach, and Governance committees shall be considered standing committees.

Section 2: The Senate Finance Committee shall review all requests for money from the 522 Budget. The committee will research requests and budget use and shall be responsible for the development of the budget for the next fiscal year.  
Section 3: The Senate Governance Committee shall review all ASGRC Governing Documents and shall be responsible for the development of the ASGRC Bylaws, subject to the approval of the Senate, and investigating issues that are voiced by both day and evening students, to hear appeals of discipline of executive officers and senators, to handle all club funding requests, and to request checking of qualification standards of all executive officers and senators by the ASGRC secretary or delegate 
Section 4: The Senate Outreach Committee shall be responsible for communications between the ASGRC Senate and the student body
Section 5: The Executive Committee shall have the final authority in deciding committee members, the membership of each committee should consist of five members. 
executive officers and senators by the ASGRC secretary or delegate.
Section 6: Attendance requirements of special meetings shall be as stated in Article II, Clause 6, Section 3. 


Section 1: Nominations from the Senate floor and the election of the President Pro Tempore will be held at the second senate meeting of fall term.
Section 2: In the event of the resignation of the President Pro Tempore, a new election must be held at the following Senate meeting.
Section 3: The President Pro Tempore will assume the duties of the Vice President of Governance for presiding over Senate meetings in the Vice President’s absence. 


Section 1: The Governance Committee shall make and review proposed Senate Standing Rules changes for constitutionality. Once reviewed, the changes will follow Article IX of the Constitution through approval by the Senate. 


Section I: All of the alterations to the ASGRC Senate Standing Rules by the Governance Committee shall become effective immediately upon approval of the Senate, unless a longer duration of time is added to the motion by the sponsoring senator or senators. 

Section II: All changes or alterations of the ASGRC Senate Standing Rules that are typographical, spelling or formatting in nature are to be done by the Senate Secretary without the formality of Senate deliberation.  

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