Gator Cheer Program

The Green River athletic department added a spirit program to the school offerings in the winter of 2007.

Green River College Cheer team.

Primarily a sideline cheer dance program for the winter basketball season, the Gator Cheer team has given students with a background in cheer, dance and tumbling the opportunity to keep their skills sharp.

Meet the Team!

2021-2022 Cheer Roster
Alexis H Quezada- Puente
Autumn Martinez
Andrea Jaramillo Altamirano
Cain Delgado
Froukje Abma
Rinke Liefers
Chloe D’cruz
Vy Nguyen
Lavenia Zafirah
Ayari Fukuda
Valentina Del Risco Sanchez
Josefine Karlberg
Joyce Schenke
Seongju Kang
Anastasja Martinez
Hafssa Belhadj

Please Note: 
Annual tryouts occur in early October and performances will begin in January for the NWAC league season.

For more information about our spirit program please complete our interest form, or email Green River College Athletic Director Shannon Percell.