Athlete Code of Conduct

GRC Athlete Code of Conduct

Green River athletes are representatives of their college and community. Their personal conduct will always be subject to the scrutiny of their fellow students, fans, opponents and the media. Therefore, they have an obligation to serve as positive role models.

I recognize that being a member of the Athletic Department carries with it responsibilities and rewards. As an athlete, I must not only embrace those responsibilities, but also conduct myself both on and off the playing field in a way that exhibits respect for myself and for others.

I therefore resolve to:

  • Maintain academic eligibility and abide by training rules.
  • Show respect for authority and property.
  • Make a commitment to the team by supporting teammates and attending all practices and games.
  • Abide by and respect the officials' decisions.
  • Not use improper language at teammates, coaches, opponents, or others in authority.
  • Win with character and lose with dignity.
  • Exhibit outstanding sportsmanship and encourage my teammates to do likewise.
  • Exercise self-control and reflect positively upon my team, my school and myself.
  • Take pride in myself and my accomplishments, but never at the expense of demeaning another person or group.
  • Conduct myself in a responsible and respectful manner at all times because I am representing the Athletic Department and the College.
  • Avoid discrimination and biases in all of its forms.

I will abide by the following rules:

  • On a team trip, all team members must travel with the team unless special permission is obtained from the Head Coach and Director of Athletics.
  • On a team trip, or at any team-related function, team members cannot consume alcohol, use tobacco products, or use illegal substances. This includes travel to and from an event, home games, team gatherings before or after games, and any time during the season.
  • Purchasing alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances for minors is against the law. These actions violate the Green River College Student Code of Conduct and disciplinary action will take place after the legal aspects of the matter have been determined.
  • Team members may not participate in any form of hazing or initiation. Any activity of this nature is strictly prohibited and allegations will be thoroughly investigated. If found the guideline has been breached, the involved student-athlete(s) may be suspended for a specified time period or permanent dismissal from the team may occur.
  • Comply with all Northwest Athletic Conference regulations and rules.
  • Any facility or vehicle being used by a Green River team will be left in as good or better condition than it was found. This includes at home and on road trips, for practices, games, and travel.

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