Men's Basketball Schedule

COVID Update:

Visitors will be asked to complete the GRC health attestation. 

Masks must be worn by spectators at all times, unless eating. We highly recommend wearing N95 or KN95 Masks. Spectators will be asked to sit with members of their immediate household only and distance themselves from other groups.

Games will be streamed and can be viewed on the

DateOpponentResultRecordLocationTimeTop Performers
Thurs, Nov. 7th Clackamas Jamboree (scrimmage)     Oregon City, OR TBD  
Thurs, Nov. 11th Bellevue Jamboree (scrimmage)     Bellevue, WA 10:30am, 12:00pm, 2:30pm  
Fri, Nov. 19th Edmonds (Everett Tournament) W, 91-83  1-0  Everett, WA 3:00pm

Cam Vaughn-22

Tyler Cronk-14 

Sat, Nov. 20th

Skagit Valley (Everett Tournament)

L, 70-81  1-1  Everett, WA 2:00pm

Cam Vaughn- 19

Anthony McDade- 12

Trey Anderson- 12

Sun, Nov. 21st Everett (Everett Tournament) L, 79-99  1-2  Everett, WA 6:00pm

Hank Bushell- 20

Tyler Cronk- 16

Trey Anderson- 16

Fri, Nov. 26th Peninsula (Skagit Valley Turkey Tournament) L, 55-59  1-3  Mount Vernon, WA 3:00pm

Trey Anderson- 12

Hank Bushell- 10 

Sat, Nov. 27th Big Bend (Skagit Valley Turkey Tournament) L, 59-62 1-4  Mount Vernon, WA 2:00pm

Tyler Cronk- 14

Hank Bushell- 10

Trey Anderson- 10 

Sun, Nov. 28th Douglas (Skagit Valley Turkey Tournament) W, 90-46  2-4  Mount Vernon, WA 2:00pm

Tanner Wallen- 27

Zane Foster- 15

Anthony McDade- 14 

Fri, Dec. 3rd Whatcom (Spokane Tournament) L, 71-73 OT  2-5  Spokane, WA 5:30pm

Trey Anderson-20

Tanner Wallen- 14 

Sat, Dec. 4th Gonzaga Club (Spokane Tournament) W, 77-50  3-5  Spokane, WA 3:00pm 

Zane Foster- 15

Tanner Wallen- 12 

Sun, Dec. 5th  (Spokane Tourament) W, 84-82  4-5  Spokane, WA 12:00pm

Trey Anderson- 29

Tanner Wallen- 14 

Thurs, Dec. 9th North Idaho W, 67-65  5-5  Green River 7:30pm

Trey Anderson-25

 Nate Berg-14

Sat, Dec. 11th Skagit Valley W, 85-53  6-5  Green River 4:00pm

Zane Foster-20

JC Humphrey- 17 

Sun, Dec. 12th Olympic W, 81-69  7-5  Green River  2:00pm

Trey Anderson-17

Hank Bushell-14 

Fri, Dec. 17th  Olympic (NWAC Crossover) W, 82-75  8-5  Bremerton, WA 5:00pm

Anthony McDade-18

JC Humphrey- 16 

Sat, Dec. 18th Mt Hood (NWAC Crossover) L, 87-91 (OT)  8-6  Bremerton, WA 2:00pm

Trey Anderson-23

Tyler Cronk-18 

Sun, Dec. 19th Wenatchee Valley (NWAC Crossover) W, 82-81  9-6  Bremerton, WA 12:00pm

Hank Bushell-21

Tyler Cronk-15 


Western Region League Games

Wed, Jan. 19th at Lower Columbia ,49-90  0-1, 9-7  Longivew, WA 7:30pm

Trey Anderson-13

 Anthony McDade-7

Cam Vaughn-7

Sat, Jan. 22nd Centralia W, 83-67  1-1, 10-7  Green River 4:00pm

Trey Anderson-20

Zane Foster-17 

Wed, Jan. 26th at Pierce L, 62-69  1-2, 10-8  Lakewood, WA 7:30pm

Trey Anderson-17

 Zane Foster-17

Anthony McDade-13

Wed, Feb. 2nd at Highline L, 76-89  1-3, 10-9  Des Moines, WA 7:00pm

Trey Anderson-19

Zane Foster-18 

Sat, Feb. 5th South Puget Sound W, 84-56 2-3, 11-9  Green River 4:00pm

Cam Vaughn-26

Tanner Wallen-20 

Wed, Feb. 9th at Grays Harbor W, 76-65 3-3, 12-9  Aberdeen, WA 8:00pm

Trey Anderson-20,

Zane Foster-19,

Anthony McDade-18 

Sat, Feb. 12th Tacoma L, 75-60  3-4, 12-10  Green River 4:00pm

Trey Andersen-17

Cam Vaughn-12 

Wed, Feb. 16th Lower Columbia W, 63-59  4-4, 13-10 Green River 7:30pm

Anthony McDade-18

Trey Anderson-15

Zane Foster-15 

Sat, Feb. 19th at Centralia W, 95-65   5-4, 14-10  Centralia, WA 7:00pm

Nate Berg-23

Anthony McDade- 18

Trey Anderson-17 

Wed, Feb. 23rd Pierce W, 70-61  6-4, 15-10  Green River 7:30pm

Anthony McDade-24

Zane Foster-14 

Sat, Feb 26th  Highline W, 104-71  7-4, 16-10  Green River 4:00pm

 Nate Berg- 26

Tanner Wallen- 15

Trey Anderson-14

Wed, Mar 2nd at South Puget Sound W, 76-63  8-4, 17-10  Olympia, WA 7:30pm

Trey Anderson- 26

Zane Foster- 14

Anthony McDade- 12 

Sat, Mar 5th Grays Harbor* W, 95-68  9-4, 18-10  Green River 4:00pm

Anthony McDade- 17

Tanner Wallen- 15

Nate Berg- 13 

Wed, Mar 9th at Tacoma W, 64-34  10-4, 19-10  Tacoma, WA 7:30pm

Trey Anderson-17

Anthony McDade-12

Zane Foster-11 

March 17 NWAC Sweet 16-Yakima Valley L, 58-60  10-5, 19-11  Everett, WA 4:00pm

Trey Anderson-26

Anthony McDade-11 

Note: Bold text indicates home game.

*Sophomore Night