LGBTQ Demographic Questions

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Demographic Questions

In order to create a safe, welcoming environment for members of the LGBTQ community, Green River students will be asked to answer two new demographic questions as part of the quarterly registration process. Students must select a response for each question and may select "Other" or "Prefer not to answer" should they choose to do so."

These important questions will help Green River understand the unique challenges of its LGBTQ students. Soon, the data collected will be used to develop programs, support services, clubs, courses, scholarships and more - all designed specifically to assist LGBTQ student success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the questions will I be asked?
    1. What is your sexual orientation?
      1. Bisexual
      2. Gay
      3. Lesbian
      4. Queer
      5. Straight/heterosexual
      6. Other
      7. Prefer not to answer
    2. What is your gender identity?
      1. Feminine
      2. Masculine
      3. Androgynous
      4. Gender neutral
      5. Transgender
      6. Other
      7. Prefer not to answer
  • Is there a specific reason you are collecting this data?
    Yes, we are collecting data to promote safe and welcoming learning environments, develop programs and services, and better track students' progress and success.
  • Will you report this information to outside agencies?
  • What if I leave the question blank? Will you require me to select my sexual orientation?
    No, a student can select "Prefer not to answer."
  • Will this information be disclosed to my peers or professors?
  • Who will have access to this registration information?
    Institutional research departments will have access to the data.
  • Will I be able to update and change my status after I register for classes?
  • Does your campus collect this information from faculty and staff?
  • Will this information always be linked to my name?
  • If I transfer schools, will you provide this information to them?
  • If another school or entity asks you for this information, will you provide it to them?
  • If I provide this information, will it be kept private?
  • Does your campus have a clear procedure for reporting LGBTQ-related bias incidents and hate crimes?


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  3. Creating LGBTQIA+ Friendly Communities in Healthcare & Education
  4. LGBTQ Resources
  5. Undocumented Students

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