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About Passport to Careers

The state of Washington created the Passport to Career Scholarship program through RCW 28B.117.

The Passport to Career program is administered by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) and helps current and former foster youth and unaccompanied homeless enroll, persist, and complete a postsecondary education. The institution’s commitment is as follows:

  • A Leadership Commitment: Create a lasting institutional commitment to serve current and former foster youth, unaccompanied, and homeless youth.
  • Designated Campus Support Staff: Designate a knowledgeable “home base” staff person who can direct youth in the areas of financial aid, academic guidance, personal issues, and career counseling / advising.
  • Financial Aid: Review each Passport student’s individual budget to recognize their actual living expenses and tailor the financial aid package, to utilize all available resources to meet the student’s full need and minimize reliance on loans.

State, Federal, Tribal, ICPC, and Foster care youth as well as unaccompanied homeless are encouraged to seek help from our office to help with academic needs, resources, and funding. Eligible foster care & unaccompanied homeless youth students can receive assistance with: textbooks and laptops, school supplies, academic assessment and evaluation.

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Our office provides over ten different languages every year to provide verbal and written translation services. ODEI’s bilingual service line is a great resource for students, staff, faculty, and GRC community to access and receive support from an available ODEI representative. Languages vary depending on the demand and annual hiring cohort.

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