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Meet the dedicated student team of passionate Peer Navigators and efficient Office Assistants who are committed to fostering inclusivity and empowerment at the heart of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI)!


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Peer Navigators

In the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we champion a student-centered approach that values authenticity, cultural relevance, and holistic success. Our dedicated Peer Navigators led by example, forging meaningful connections with students, faculty, and staff.

We believe in the power of authentic engagement, fostering an inclusive environment whjere diverse voices and backgrounds are celebrated and respected. Cultural relevance is at the core of our mission, as we infuse our programs and initiatives with content that reflects the rich tapestry of our community.

Our goal is to empower students to take ownership of their education, promoting a holistic approach that goes beyond grades to encompass critical thinking and emotional intelligence. By bridging the gap between academia and the real world, our Peer Navigators help create a space where everyone can thrive, celebrating the unique assets and experiences that each individual brings to our inclusive educational journey.

Alison Barlow

Introduce yourself!

I’m biracial, I was born in Washington State, I am a writer, I write short stories and poems in my free time. I’m someone who has a hunger for learning as well.

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

For me, it means having a brave space for those who are marginalized and a place for growth for those allies who are willing to be uncomfortable, to confront their own biases, and learn how to address barriers that they never had to think about. DEI means everyone’s voices are heard and nobody is trying to shut anyone down.

Ayoub Madani

Ayoub Madani

Dylan Le

Introduce yourself!

Xin chao! My name is Dylan. I’m an avid gym goer and enjoy going on hikes and exploring foods from different countries. I also enjoy talking to new people and getting to know them better!

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

I think it’s the fact that I, along with my talented coworkers, can foster a more welcoming environment on campus and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for students from all walks of life. To me, it means taking into consideration each and every individual’s social context and cultural background in mind and create a safe space for the students to feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Emily Helms

Introduce yourself!

My name is Emily! I love doing pottery and being involved in my community. I am involved in various boards for the City of Auburn and I spend my weekends volunteering for Vietnamese organizations as a language and martial arts instructor!

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

To me, diversity, equity, and inclusion mean acknowledging and amplifying the unique qualities and experiences of all individuals, ensuring that everyone has access to opportunities and resources, and creating an environment where every voice is heard and valued. It's about building an empowering community where everyone can thrive.

Martin Roman Molina

Introduce yourself!

My name is Martin, I am an international student from Ecuador. I work in ODEI as a Peer Navigator. A fact about myself is that I am really bad at any kind of sport, but I am a really good musician, in fact, I started to play the piano about 7 years ago. The music I like listening to is Bo Burnham, Arctic Monkeys, Lolabum, Enjambre, etc.

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

For me, it means to make everyone in a room comfortable and welcome and make them feel in a safe space, where they can be whatever they want.

Ranayjah Jackson

Ranayjah Jackson

Zai (Isaiah) Watson

Introduce Yourself!

Hello, my name is Isaiah, but I go by Zai. I was born and raised in the Seattle area. In my free time, I enjoy coding, working out, reading, and playing chess. 

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

To me, diversity, equity, and inclusion means recognizing and valuing the unique experiences and backgrounds of individuals, irrespective of their race, socioeconomic status, or religious beliefs. As a first-generation college student, coming from a low-income background, and being a student of color, I understand firsthand how important DEI can be.

Office Assistants

Office Assistants at the ODEI play a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive and supportive campus environment. They serve as the initial point of contact for students, guiding them to the wealth of resources, programs, and services provided by ODEI. With a commitment to excellence, Office Assistants manage front-desk operations, administer the dynamic Book Loan Program, curate engaging content for various social media platforms, and facilitate student appointments.

With an active presence in ODEI-hosted events and programs, they actively contribute to the vibrant Diversity Educational Series (DES) and other initiatives. In addition, they collaborate closely with the wider campus community through campus tours, workshops, and diversity activities.

Through their multifaceted responsibilities, Office Assistants embody the ethos of diversity, equity, and inclusion, contributing significantly to the fostering of a more inclusive and welcoming academic environment.

Senerita Fagafa

Senerita Fagafa

Hoda Mohamed

Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone, my name is Hoda Mohamed, and I am so excited to take on this role as an Office Assistant! My favorite hobbies are drawing, painting, and playing volleyball. Another thing about me is, I am the second oldest of 12 siblings.

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion means respecting, recognizing, welcoming, and celebrating everyone and their differences, and making sure everyone has equal opportunities.

Kamilla Almazbekova

Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone, my name is Kamilla Almazbekova and I’m an international student from Kyrgyzstan. My major is business management and marketing. The music that I typically listen to consists of a mixture of different music genres, but usually I listen to Korean R&B and Korean pop songs.

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

For me, DEI is a concept that helps all people feel comfortable despite of their backgrounds. I think this concept is essential everywhere to provide people equal conditions based on the personal circumstances.

Kel (Kelangit) Hakim

Kelangit Hakim

Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone my name is Kelangit Hakim, I am an ODEI Office Assistant. One thing about me is that I love English Football and the Anime One Piece. As for music, I like to listen to a lot of modern hip-hop songs or reggaeton music!

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean to you?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion to me, as an international student at Green River College, means standing for the fundamental principles of establishing a campus community where everyone is respected and valued - regardless of background, granting equal opportunities to all, and encouraging a sense of belonging for all students.

Leo (Leonard) Wijaya

Leo (Leonard) Wijaya

Introduce Yourself!

Hi, I am Leonard Kevin Wijaya and I am a newly hired ODEI Office Assistant. I am from Indonesia and my hobbies are mainly playing games and playing basketball! My major is Pre-medicine and I aspire to become a General Surgeon one day.

What does Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion mean to you?

Coming from a country with a wide range of cultures and religion, it is kind-of something that defines my existence. DEI means being unique and appreciating the uniqueness of people around me.


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