Requesting Certification

Students wanting to use VA education benefits must request certification every quarter. The process for doing so is outlined below, in step-by-step order.

Step 1: Check your registration access time

Enrollment Services assigns registration access times for all students. This information is updated every quarter and can be accessed here. Double check your access time to ensure that you are able and ready to register for classes. Veterans may also be eligible for priority registration. Individuals must meet the established eligibility criteria and submit a copy of their DD 214 to Enrollment Services. 

Step 2: Register for classes

Look at your intended program of study and pick courses that fit within your degree plan. The VA will only pay for courses that are required within your current program of study. Advisors are available if you need help determining what courses you need.

Contact the Career and Advising Center at 253-233-9111, ext. 2641 or by sending them an email

Step 3: Put together your quarterly enrollment request (QER) packet

In order to be certified for your VA education benefits you must submit a quarterly enrollment request (QER) packet. This includes: QER Checklist, completed Quarterly Enrollment Request form, copy of your course schedule, and an expanded copy of your degree audit.

Please contact Veteran Services with any questions relating to the QER packet.   

Step 4: Turn in your QER packet within 4 days of registering

You must turn your QER packet within 4 days of registering for classes. This helps us get a hold (if eligible) on your account, so that you will not be dropped for a lack of payment. All QER packets must be turned in to the Career and Advising Center to be reviewed. 

Step 5: Check your student email account

If there are any problems with your paperwork you will be notified through your student email address. If your paperwork is incomplete, or your classes do not fit within your program of study we will let you know. Remember to check your student email regularly. 

Step 6: Verify your attendance

Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607: complete every month by calling 1-877-823-2378 or through the online portal.

Chapter 33 and 33T: complete the Veterans Attendance Verification form and turn in to Veteran Services by the end of the first week of the quarter.  Chapter 35: you do not need to verify your attendance.  

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