Requesting Certification

How to Request Certification

Military-connected students who plan to use VA education benefits must request certification every quarter. Please follow the steps below to ensure that you are certified for the quarter.

Step 1: Check Registration Access Time

  • Verify your Registration Access Time
  • Veterans may be eligible for priority registration - take advantage of this benefit! 

Step 2: Register for Classes

  • Use your Degree Audit as a guide to select courses
  • The VA will only pay for courses that are required for graduation from your Program of Study 
  • For questions concerning class selection, please see your faculty advisor or visit Career & Advising

Step 3:  Gather Quarterly Enrollment Request (QER) Packet Documents

The QER form can also be found in Career & Advising, the Veteran's Lounge, and Veteran Services office 

Step 4: Turn in Your QER Packet

  • Ensure that your QER form is COMPLETELY filled out and all documents are attached 
  • Have your faculty advisor sign your QER packet and turn in to Veteran Services 
    • Students may also drop off the QER packet with Career & Advising - Veteran Services will retrieve after it's signed
    • Alternatively, students may also email the completed QER packet to 

Step 5: Monitor Student Email Account 

  • Your QER packet will be processed as soon as possible
  • Veteran Services will email your GRC email address if there is a disrepenacy with your paperwork
  • Upon processing into the VA system, you will receive an auto-generated email that will list your certification details

Step 6: Verify your Attendance

If you are using Chapter 30 or 1606, please verify attendance by calling 1-877-823-2378 or through the online portal at the end of every month.


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