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Student Employment at Green River College


To participate in the Student Employment Program, students must maintain at least half time enrollment (6 credits). 

International students must maintain F-1 status. This includes full-time enrollment (12 credits), authorized Reduced Course Load (RCL) or approved vacation quarter, be in good academic standing and keep a valid I-20. International students participating in student employment during approved vacation quarter are subject to Student Employment Program enrollment requirements, as stated above. 

Federal Work Study participant’s enrollment credits must count toward participant’s program of study at Green River College. 

Student workers may only work up to 20 hours per week (part-time) while school is in session, and more than 20 hours per week (full-time) between quarters, provided they continue as a student the following quarter.  The only exception is for WORKFIRST WORK STUDY student workers; WorkFirst student workers are limited to 19 hours of work per week. Exceeding these hours may disqualify a student worker from continuing employment through the student employment program. 

Student workers are expected to adhere to the scheduled work hours of their student employment program and to accurately report all hours worked on a daily bases. Time and leave is reported in the ctcLink system. For instructions on how to enter time, please review the Enter Time user’s guide.


Handshake is used to post all student jobs for Green River College. Students will be required to create an account on the GatorJobs site. Once a student has created an account they will have the opportunity to search for jobs. Please keep in mind, GatorJobs is a search engine used by the local community to recruit students. The site has an Advanced Search tool that students may use to view On-Campus Positions only. This is the best way to search for Green River College student jobs.


There are several Applicant-Types on the gatorjobs site. Most Green River College student jobs will be posted as On Campus-Non Work Study, Work-Study (Federal), Work-Study (WorkFirst), Part-Time, or Co-op/Internship. Before applying for any work-study (federal) or work-study (WorkFirst) job postings, please email the student employment specialist at to confirm eligibility. Students must have funding approval before applying for a job where work-study is the only applicant type qualified for the position. The Advanced Search tool allows applicants to filter by Applicant Type for student convenience.

APPLICANT TYPE Work-Study (Federal)

Federal Work-Study is part of a student’s financial aid award package; other types of aid may include loans, grants, and scholarships.

Work-Study is a type of financial aid that is earned through part-time employment. Student’s Work-Study awards indicate the maximum amount they may earn each quarter by working.  Unlike other forms of financial aid, Work-Study is not applied directly toward tuition. Instead, eligible Work-Study students earn these funds by working at a job. Students receive these funds in the form of a paycheck twice a month.  The term "Work-Study" means students work (not study) on campus or in the community to obtain the Work-Study funds awarded.

  • Eligibility for Work-Study does not guarantee a job
  • Eligibility or Work-Study award may be cancelled or reduced according to funds available or changes in the student’s status or financial aid
  • Students can work up to 20 hours per week, however, most average 10-12 hours per week
  • Work-Study students are not eligible to work while on Financial Aid termination

Visit the financial aid web page to read more information about how to apply for financial aid.

APPLICANT TYPE Work-Study (WorkFirst)

WorkFirst Work-Study funding is granted through the workforce Education Department. This type of Work-Study is only offered to students with work approval from the Department of Social and Health Services. Students must contact the Workforce Education Department to review WorkFirst Work-Study eligibility. The workforce Education Department emails WorkFirst Work-Study referrals to the Student Employment Specialist. Students may not start the hiring process prior to the WorkFirst Work-Study referral. 

APPLICANT TYPE On Campus-Non Work Study

Institutional Work Grant funds are used by student programs, faculty and staff to hire student workers.

Financial aid eligibility is not required for students to apply for positions seeking On Campus-Non Work Study applicants. Students applying for On Campus-Non Work Study jobs, must meet program guidelines and be registered for a minimum of six credits to work through the Student Employment Program. Work Grant funding approval is designated at the discretion of Division Chairs, Program Leaders, and Deans.




Contact Us

Natalya Thompson
Phone: 253-931-6531

  • All new hires must meet with student employment specialist to complete hiring paperwork before working.
  • All new on campus employers must meet with student employment specialist before making job offers.


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