Conditions of Award and Student's Responsibilities

Conditions of Awards

The State of Washington is offering you financial assistance to help support your educational expenses. Please visit to receive more information about financial aid, scholarships, work study and student loans.

In order to receive this financial assistance you will need to comply with the following conditions. If you have questions or find that you cannot comply with these conditions, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

  1. You do not owe a repayment to any federal or state grant nor are you in default on a state or federal student loan.
  2. You must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the program.
  3. If you do not attend or if you withdraw from your classes, you may owe a repayment of all or
    part of the award amount.
  4. The offer of this financial assistance is subject to, and conditioned upon, the availability of funds. The Washington Student Achievement Council and the institution through which the grant is awarded reserve the right to withdraw, reduce, or modify the awards because of funding limitations or because of changes in circumstances which affect your eligibility for the program.
  5. You must maintain academic progress standards following your institutions policies for state aid programs. You must not pursue a degree in theology or hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

You may choose to voluntarily make financial contributions to the Washington Student Achievement Council in recognition of the assistance that you received. All voluntary contributions will be used to provide financial assistance to other students. Please contact for more information.

Student's Responsibility

  • I must enroll in a program of study that leads to an approved degree or certificate at Green River, and the classes that I take must be required for my program at Green River. I cannot use financial aid for high school completion.
  • I must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to obtain and continue financial aid funding. This policy is explained in a separate brochure. View 2019-2020 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • I can be considered for financial aid during the equivalent of my first nine full-time quarters of attempted credits of 100 level or higher. This period includes transfer credits. Once I have reached the nine quarter point (or 150% of program time), I cannot receive financial aid even if my program of study has not been completed.
  • I must notify the Financial Aid Office each quarter that I plan to enroll in less than 12 credit hours (full time). If I enroll half-time (6, 7 or 8 credits), I will receive one-half of my grant eligibility; and if I enroll three-quarter time (9, 10 or 11 credits), I will receive three-fourths of my grant eligibility. When enrolling in less than six credits, I will lose eligibility for most funding sources. There are no changes to work-study when attending part-time six or more credits. I understand that my enrollment level is checked on the tenth class day of the quarter (census date) and for a shorter time period summer. I will owe an immediate repayment of grant funds if I drop to a lower payment level before the census date.
  • I am responsible for repaying all or part of my grants, as well as any federal tuition refund in excess of the college’s refund rules should I withdraw from classes during the quarter.
  • I understand that if awarded Federal Work-Study, a job is not guaranteed. After an orientation session, I will be placed on payroll at the time I submit my last required forms as long as space remains available on the payroll.
  • I must agree to use state or federal financial aid funds for educational expenses related to my attendance at Green River (tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and board, personal expenses, computer, child care and transportation—excluding the purchase of
    a car).
  • I recognize that Green River reserves the right to adjust my financial aid because of changes in state or federal funding. A financial aid award does not imply a commitment on the part of the college to continue assistance beyond the time period stated in the
    award notification.
  • I will notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in name, address, marital status, or if I receive any other type of funding outside of the college such as scholarships, agency funding, etc.
  • I must reapply for financial aid each year and adhere to the annual application deadlines.


Processing Updates

We are currently processing applications for the current financial aid year (2020-2021) completed in March 2021. (updated on 4/15/2021)

Renew Your FAFSA or WASFA for 2021-2022

If you are planning on attending Green River College in the fall and will be using financial aid to cover the cost of your tuition, submit your FAFSA or WASFA for the 2021-2022 award year by April 30th. If you need help completing the FAFSA or WASFA, visit our Zoom virtual lobby.

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