January 2022 Heimta Works by Cindy Small

Student Portfolio Exhibition 2021

December 6, 2021 - January 3, 2022 A Virtual Exhibition hosted by the Helen S. Smith Gallery


Students in the Artist’s Portfolio exhibition represent the capstone class in visual arts (Art 180) and the Helen S. Smith Gallery is exceptionally proud to present their individual work. Art students at Green River College work through the visual arts program studying drawing, painting, ceramics, photography and design. Serious art students in the program traditionally take Art 180 in the fall to learn how to package and present their work professionally as a cumulative body. Through their studies they have created a professional portfolio of visual work ripe for applications to university art programs, entry level employment, internships and exhibition opportunities. Many of these upper-level students obtain their Associates in Fine Art upon graduation in addition to their AA degree.

This year we celebrate the work of Trenton Coffee, Yejin Kim, Jasmine Kwon, FNU Malika, Luke Ndolo, Piere Pandean and Bryan Tai

The Artists’ Portfolio Class leads students through the process of polishing a body of artwork. Through discussions, critiques and hard work, they curate their own work into individual exhibitions at the end of their studies for the public to enjoy.  This year we have 7 students participating from 4 different countries; Together Apart.  They will present their work virtually through the gallery website to include artist talks, a virtual portfolio and links to individual student art websites. 

Together Apart Virtual Exhibition

Animation Showcase | Fall 2021

Now showing on campus at the GRC Helen S. Smith Gallery.

Heimta Works by Cindy Small

January 4 – March 18, 2022 Artist Talk: Thursday, February 3rd, noon over Zoom

(Old Norse term) To fetch, gather, glean.

I am a conjuror of stories. And a harvester of materials. Inspirations for color, pattern, and environments are discovered through a compulsive gleaning season. I am continually gathering and don’t remember a time when I wasn’t.

The assemblage aspect of the work is always a challenge, making disparate parts codependent. I am fascinated by how one thing reacts to another, and how that interaction is transformative. The narrative is encapsulated within an assemblage framework, creating a contemporary icon of the depicted event.

Magical realist contexts create a place where the living interact with unusual forces. These captured moments linger between the conscious and the sub-conscious; the moments when your mind wanders through your own library of fantastic stories.

                                                         - Cindy Small


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Image: Cindy Small

The Consecrated Grounds of Cape Lookout

oil on board with polychromed pierced tin frame

28 1/2"w x 28"h

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