Emergency Funding

Currently enrolled students are eligible for emergency funding while funds remain available. Requests for assistance must be for the quarter that we are currently in and cannot fund students for future terms.

Emergency funds offer limited financial assistance to currently registered students experiencing an emergency. Green River defines an emergency as an unavoidable and unplanned expense that creates financial hardship and affects your ability to continue your education at Green River.

Some examples of eligible requests are:

  • Transportation expenses (unexpected car maintenance, bus fare, limited gas assistance)
  • Housing expenses due to circumstances beyond your control
  • Utility expenses due to circumstances beyond your control (electricity, Wi-Fi, phone bills, water)
  • Access Codes
  • Limited book and materials support from the PaperTree Bookstore
  • Medical emergency expenses
  • Parenting related emergency expenses

Examples of ineligible requests are:

  • Tuition
  • Class fees
  • Supplemental income
  • Clothing
  • Repeated book and materials requests
  • Requests for reimbursement
  • Credit card bills
  • Past debt
  • Student loan payments
  • Traffic violations
  • Child support

Emergency funding is not a sustainable resource and cannot provide ongoing support for students and their families. Please contact the additional resources on campus to explore further support.

Please email emergencyfunds@greenriver.edu if you have any questions.

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Please email us at emergencyfunds@greenriver.edu if you have any questions.