Hybrid Course Information

What It Is

A face-to-face-hybrid course is one where the course is split into two parts. Some of the course is face-toface in a classroom with your instructor at a parciular time and some of the course is fully online without a set time to meet. Then there is the typical homework and studying as well.

What To Expect

In a face-to-face class you would have homework outside of class that in some cases would be completed online. That doesn't change in a hybrid class. However, in a hybrid class some of what would have been face-to-face lecture is moved online so you're meeting less often.

As a student, you can expect that a portion of your instruction and assignments will be presented in an assigned classroom and partly provided online.

  • The division of online instructions and days spent in the classroom will vary depending on the course content and the instructor preference. Remember, online assignments cannot be done in the classroom and classroom assignments cannot be done online.
  • Some of the required class work will be completed and posted online and some of the assignments will be completed and submitted in class. Your instructor will provide details regarding what class work will be required in class and what work will be required online.
  • Online course materials and learning activities vary from class to class.
  • Typical web-based activities may include online discussions, peer review forums, small group work, forums for prewriting strategy posts, PowerPoint lectures, online exercises, audio- or video-lectures and tutorials.
  • Students have the flexibility to choose when and where to complete online assignments as long as they meet the deadlines specified in the class syllabus.
  • Students have set days and times for on-campus classes.
  • By learning in both online and face-to-face environments, you can expect to interact with the course content, the instructor and other students in a variety of ways.

All types of classess should be equal in rigor and time commitment.