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Helpful information about hybrid courses

Hybrid courses combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. A significant portion of the learning activities take place online and time spent on instruction that traditionally occurs in the classroom is reduced, but not eliminated. This allows the student much more flexibility in creating a schedule, while maintaining the face-to-face contact with the instructor and classmates that is typical of a more traditional course. 

Many students say they learn more in a hybrid course, because they can use outside resources more easily than in a traditional course, but still have face-to-face access to the instructor and the other students. Almost all students who take hybrid courses appreciate the convenience and flexibility allowing them to adapt their studies to their individual schedules.

The technical requirements for a hybrid course are similar to those required of online courses. Your professor will tell you in class if there are any special hardware or software requirements.

Common Questions

Commonly asked questions related to how hybrid courses work, expectations and benefits.

Hybrid Course Common Questions

Am I a good candidate for a hybrid course?

Questions to ask yourself, along with more information, to help determine if you are a good candidate for taking a hybrid course.

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