Emergency Resource Locations

Building Captains

Green River College's list of building captain's can be found here. 


AED Locations

AED (Automated External Defibrillators) are devices used to check a person’s heart rhythm, and recognize and advise when a shock is needed. AEDs will provide verbal instructions when activated.

Locations of AEDs on campus are:

  • AD - campus operator's desk
  • AUBURN CENTER - 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor hallways
  • CCA - main office near copier
  • CH - 2nd floor lobby, West hall
  • FO - front lobby, West side
  • HL - south end of main first floor hallway
  • KENT CAMPUS - 2nd floor, across Room 204
  • PA - south end of lobby
  • PE - hallway
  • RLC - hallway
  • SA - 1st floor main entrance
  • SC - east first floor hallway
  • SH - northeast end of first floor instructional hallway
  • SU - 1st floor near elevator
  • SU - RAC- near restrooms in weight room
  • TC - north end of lobby
  • TIW - Main Lobby across Room A-410
  • TIW - Automotive- near lockers, middle of A-102
  • TIE - B-616 Welding, far South wall
  • TIE - B-500 West side locker entrance
  • WB- Main Lobby 
  • ZC- Main lobby near women's restroom


First Aid Kit Locations

BuildingRoom #DescriptionLocation
AD   Main Office 1st drawer
  34 Copy room above copy machine
  16   2nd drawer next to sink
  26   right wall
CCA   Office  
HL    Circulation desk 1st cupboard on left
    Information desk On shelf
    Help desk On counter under desk
IVA   Faculty breakroom  On counter by sink
IVC 103   Behind door
IVD   Lobby Front desk
RLC 156  Print Shop Top shelf in cupboard
  174 Writing & Reading Center In storage room cabinet
  109   Shelf to the right
  148   File cabinet on left
  125   Cupboard on left
  127   Gray cabinet on far right
SA   KGRG (radio station) Back wall by door
  231 Financial Aid Copy room
  266 Cashiers Office  
  225  Veterans Affairs   Lobby
  156  Campus Safety Dispatch office
SC  101  Lecture room In cabinet under sink
  109    One over each sink
  110  Geology lab On north wall over sink 
  112  Geology prep lab Blue kit on wall by 113 door 
  117  Physics lab East entrance by door
  118  Physics lab tech office  By door to 117
  120  Physics lab West entrance by door
  132  1st floor staff workroom Above shared printer
  136  Nursing lab On south wall over sink
  144 PT lab Room entrance by light switch
  148 OT lab Off of kitchen 
  156  PT lab Opposite corner of entrance 
  226  2nd floor staff workroom Above shared printer
  230 AP lab East entrance
  234 Ap prep room By hall entrance
  235 AP lab  By east entrance
  239 Lecture room Behind sink
  240 Lecture room Behind sink
  243  Biology lab By hall entrance, east wall
  244 Biology lab Inside west hall door
  247 Biology prep room 2 kits at each door into 255 & 243
  255 Biology lab By wwest entrance
  305 Lecture room On shelf left of entrance
  308 Chemistry lab By west entrance
  314 Chemistry prep area By west entrance into 316
  315 Chemistry lab Southwest wall by south entrance
  316 Chemistry lab Southeast wall by south entrance
  318 Lecture room Southwest windowsill by sink
  322 Lecture room Bottom shelf of rollling cart
  323 Lecture room Northwest windowsill
SH 170 Pottery Lab Next to shelves
    Photo Lab  
TC 118   In cabinet at the front of room
  1st floor lobby Cafe  
TRADES   Auto shop On wall by sink
    Carpentry  On shelf over sink
    Carpentry Classroom On wall right of door
    Welding On wall by dry erase baord and office
WT 8 Office On wall by fax machine
Branch Campuses      
KENT 111 Staff room Above Instructor mailboxes
  209   Far end of left wall
  233   Right wall just past door
AUBURN CENTER 110 Front desk  

NARCAN (Naloxone HCI) 4MG Locations

NARCAN 4MG Locations


Narcan 4MG

Auburn Center Campus

AC-110 work room in Security Officers drawer

Kent Campus

2nd floor lobby in Security Officers drawer

Enumclaw Campus

Main Lobby with First Aid Kit

East and West entrance Security Booths

Campus Safety Officer’s drawer

Trades and Technologies

A409 Staff work room cabinet with First Aid Kit

Campus Corner Apartments

Townsend Center Office in copy room

Mel Lindbloom Student Union

Student Information desk with First Aid Kit

Student Affairs

  • Campus Safety SA-156
  • Welcome Desk- SA Lobby

Cedar Hall

3rd Floor Secretaries Office CH-301

Science Center

2nd floor Secretaries Office SC-227

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Click here for information about Narcan (Naloxone HCI) Opioid Overdose Response.

Contact Campus Safety

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: From any campus phone, dial 3350. All other phones 253-288-3350.

Safety Requests: safetydispatch@greenriver.edu

Director of Campus Safety & TransportationDerek Ronnfeldt

Alerts & Notifications

Sign up to receive safety, crime, traffic, training, and weather alerts on our Emergency & Safety Alerts page.

Rally Point Maps

Main Campus Rally Points

Kent Center Rally Points

Enumclaw Rally Points

Auburn Center Rally Points