Veteran Forms, Process, and Other

Forms, Process, & Others


Veteran Services Intake

New students: You will go through the Veteran Services Intake process during the Military New Student Orientation. During your orientation process, you will complete the Veteran Services web intake form to begin your student file with our office.

Current students: If you are currently enrolled in classes at Green River College and not using benefits but would like to start using them, please email for next steps. Be sure to include your ctcLink (student) ID number and which VA benefit (Chapter) you are using.


Quarterly Enrollment Request (QER)

Each quarter you wish to use your benefits, you need to complete and submit your QER to our office via Canvas Assignment.

Quarter Enrollment Request - Canvas Instructions

Form: Quarterly Enrollment Request (.pdf)

Submit your QER to: Veteran Services Canvas - Assignments (selecting the applicable quarter you'd like to be certified for)

*Effective Spring Quarter 2024, we will no longer accept QER forms via Box (Secure Upload). If you do not have access to the Veteran Services Canvas Course, please email to let us know with your full name and ctcLink ID number.

QER Processing time: 

Initial QER submission: The initial QER review may take approximately 14 days from the date your QER was received.

Updated (secondary) QER submission: QERs submitted for an additional "continued" review may take approximately 7 days from the date your QER was received. 


Military Document Submission

Need to verify your military affiliation with our office? Submit your military document to us through the Secure Document Upload

Military documents include: Certificate of Eligibility (COE), DD-214 (Member-4 or Service-2), and Military Orders. 


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Apply For Benefits

Planning to use VA benefits to pay for college? Learn more on our Using VA Benefits page.

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